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Mice and Rat-free Mobile - B013J7COZY
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  • The innovative Animal Repellent mobile protection against most animals and insects from ISOTRONIC. Battery-operated, mobile and highly effective. You won?t have to get upset by unwanted visits by animals on your premises. ISOTRONIC Vario-Protector Mobile keeps the bad-tempered pests away from your house, garden, garage, barn, loft or arbour. Immediately ready for use, no power connection and no assembly necessary. The integrated 30-second interval switching prevents the animals from getting used to the sound. Without the need for bothersome cabling, this new device from ISOTRONIC can now be immediately used in all imaginable places. Place. Switch on. Animal-free. It can be attached in a barn with ties or with screws. Depending on the battery, permanent operation of at least 6 months.Battery-operated: 4 x C (baby cells, not included) Power consumption: 2 mA, in standby 20µA, < 0,03 W Effective range: approx. 40 m² (in closed rooms) Frequency: 12 - 24 kHz +/- 10%, approx. 78 dB Interval: approx. 5 sec on, approx. 25 sec off (break interval) Displays: LED indication Effective range indoor: appr. 40 m² Effective range outdoor: in dependence of position Control elements: ON/OFF-switch

    Mice and Rat-free Mobile - B013J7COZY

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